My Reply to a Great Message from Italy

Dear Gi==

Thank you for sending a great message.

I notice that you have read my profile thoroughly and that you have understood my business model perfectly. I feel very grateful for your devotion.

I opened my LinkedIn account about 8 months ago. There are some Japanese business persons that I know, who, without posting good comments, rapidly contacted numerous people in the same groups in order to simply accumulate contact persons.

Whereas I thought over my comments again and again before posting. I concentrated on only several comments a week and refined them to be insightful. Then bit by bit, those who valued my attitude appeared and got in touch with me. The number of my contact people is not very large, which I am sure that is collection of qualified people who found me in the broad LinkedIn world with countless postings.

There have been LinkedIn off-line parties and gathering in Tokyo that I was invited. I attended only a few of them. There I talked with only several people and add them in my contacts if they got interested in me.

You told me that you felt honored to be my LinkedIn contacts. I kind of sense that you are somewhat overestimating me. Your compliments are utterly flattering for sure. The people in my LinkedIn network, however, indeed are the valuable people to me who found me, just a mere SME contractor, among the a few hundred million in LinkedIn. I always feel very grateful to them for just having done so to me.

So please keep in touch and keep me posted in your mind.
If there is something I could possibly manage, provide me with business opportunities. I will certainly do my best to render a fine service.

Until then, please enjoy yourself with my comments posted in LinkedIn, which will be later on archived in my blog titled MSI-LEX (LinkedIn Excerpts).
Or you could entertain yourself with the stories of my college days, which are stored in my blog under the category of My Life in Klamath Falls.

Best regards

On 02/24/13 5:58 PM, Gi== wrote:
Hello Sho,

Many many thanks for having accepted my request, I am honored to be among your contacts.

I must admit that I could have seemed a bit pretentious, asking for you to let me connect without explaining the reason. Hence, I’ve found your motivation request just logical.

I must admit, too, that it’s been the first time this have occurred. And I’ve been so glad explaining motivation of my request, just because it’s right to ask, we’re not playing to collect connections here.

Said what above, I’m very happy you decided to accept my request, and, as I was saying few lines up, it’s an honor. You, as a tactical schemer, and your professional services, are just what my clients need when they’ll decide to “go east”, and once I can count on such a professional, I can assure them their plans for a selling biz in Japan will be seriously followed and watched by one of the best available planners I could ever reach.

Lastly, I have to say that I seriously admire you when you say that two hundred engineer subjects were positively passed just for good lectures and good teachers form Japan Universities. An Italian would have said that two hundreds subjects were passed just because “he” was good to.

Thanks again, Sho, for your kind admission to your number of connections. As I said, it’s an honor.

Hope we’ll discuss as soon as possible about good opportunities. And, please, just ask me for everything here in Italy, I’ll do at the best of my possibilities.

Best Regards,