What I do & what I don’t

Hello Gi==

Thank you for your minute description of your intention.

I have sent this kind of questions to those who were interested in me and sent me LinkedIn invitations. I’ve seen many responses. Yours is the most informative one among all.

I see your points.

Let me make sure of my business model. My business, as written in my profile, is a tactical planning.

You read about the business start-up case of a Japanese young importer of Asian exotic furniture.

In that case, I did the following at the client’s cost.
I told him to narrow down his business objective to be the purchase representative,
I planned the page structure of the website to be made,
I planned the basic SEO actions in the website
I researched how to obtain useful lists of rich people in Japan
I planned basic design of the DMs to the rich people.

As you see, I am not a start-up activity outsourcer, but a hands-on research and planning outsourcer (i.e. a tactical schemer as written in the profile page). It is the client that decides according to my research. And it is the client that does according to my plan.

I have received many inquiries and have been asked favors through LinkedIn, which I turned down. Let me depicts some of them.

Some person asked me to recommend a few exporters to export products from Japan to his country. I turned it down. I can possibly research and plan onerously how to find that kind of exporters. But I can not recommend. I believe it is a highly irresponsible act. I have to have a profound knowledge of both the particular exporters and the person asking, in order to recommend one to the other.

The other person asked me to become a sales representative (or a distributor) of his products. I turned it down. I only render basically three kinds of services, which are researching, planning, and facilitating the plans to be executed appropriately. If he had had his organization in Japan, a designated sales rep under contract, or a designated distributor in Japan, I could have rendered my services to it. If he had not, I still can render the first two services out of three to him outside of Japan.

This is what I do as well as what I don’t as a tactical schemer. I hope my business would be a good support for your clients.

Best regards