Let me answer your questions about my business

Dear T==

Let me answer some of your questions I received.

1 Gardener?

Yes. It was a metaphor. I am not familiar with Japanese gardens. What I wanted to say was that my business model was just like those of some gardeners’ or some carpenters’. I visit my clients’ sites until I finish my job ordered by my clients, as immaculately as possible.
Or you can say that my business model is like some hired assassin’s you often see in the movies. They got paid by killing anyone by any means according to the clients’ requests. I got paid by planning feasible solutions for any tasks, which fall into my business domain, brought in by my clients. I have no special methods and theories nor special styles to do my job. I dare mobilize anything conceivable and available to create the solutions.

2 The field of my business planning service?

To be precise, I make business plans of the relationship between the SME (actually that is equal to the sole owner CEO) and the broadly defined “stakeholders.” In this case the stockholders are not included in the term “stakeholders” as all of the stocks are in the hand of the sole owner CEO.
To improve the SME’s relationship with its employees, I make the roadmap of ES enhancement. (This is why I can prepare the anti-KaryuShikou training programs, which I remember that had you interested in me for the first time.)
To improve the B2B SME’s relationship with its customer companies, I program sales force reinforcement. To improve the store-operating SME’s relationship with its shop visitors, I create stimulating in-store promotional operations. To improve the SME’s relationship with its financing banks, I even write draft of the sole owner CEO’s explanative speech over financial status. To improve the SME’s relationship with its nearby residents, I make cost-effective micro-sized CSR activities.

3 Do I work in small town?

No. Not at all. I am officially a citizen of Sapporo City located in Hokkaido Island. You may know that Sapporo is a fairly big city which has a population of a little less than 2 million. I flew to Tokyo regularly and stays there on all the weekdays. Almost all of my revenue is generated in Tokyo.

4 Do I mind telling you about myself, my business, and my clients?

No. Not in the least. And I do not mind visiting you at New York to do so, if you order “the job” to do so with relatively long lead time to discuss about the job order in detail. I will send you another message about this issue.